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Photograph by mistress_josie.

Welcome to pagan_art! This is a place for posting any kind of artwork that is in some way related to paganism. Art posted here could include but is not limited to:

- traditional art, such as sketches, paintings, sculptures, etc.
- photography and photo manipulation
- digital art, including graphics of all kinds
- creative writing, such as poetry and prose
- woodwork, metalwork, embroidery, and other various forms of craftsmanship
- sound recordings of vocal or instrumental music
- anything else that could be considered artistic as well as pagan!

Also welcome are posts discussing anything concerning the aforementioned subject matter. Try to stay relatively on topic, but promotions are also allowed, unless the thing being promoted is completely irrelevant.


1. Leave your prejudices at the door. The one thing that will absolutely not be tolerated here is intolerance itself. Anything expressing hatred or prejudice against an identifiable group on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, sexual preference, religion, nationality, social status, etc. will get you banned - no questions asked, no apologies or explanations offered. It's that simple.

2. Keep your criticism constructive. Unless the artist would prefer to not receive feedback, it is generally welcome and encouraged here. However, you must respect the feelings of the artist when offering suggestions for improvement. For example:

Unconstructive Criticism - "That's a piece of crap. Your shading just plain sucks."

Constructive Criticism - "This is a pretty good start. I'd suggest working on the shading a bit more though."

3. Be polite about nudity. Artistic nudes and the like are welcome, but please be sure to place anything that could get someone in trouble either at work, school, or home behind an lj-cut. (If you are unfamiliar with lj-cuts, please consult LiveJournal's FAQ for help.) Try to mention somewhere that what you are placing behind the cut may not be work safe/school safe/family safe. While this community is meant to be open-minded, we must remember that not everyone (bosses, teachers, parents, etc.) is so accepting of certain things and try to respect that.

4. Nobody likes spam. As stated above, the promotion of other relevant communities is allowed, but don't over-do it. And of course, the community should have something to do with either art or paganism or both.

5. Share, but don't try to steal credit. If you find an example of pagan art somewhere online or elsewhere and you would like to share it with the rest of the community, you are quite welcome to do so, provided that you do not take credit for someone else's work. Do all that you can to give credit where credit is due.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact katherowen at her LiveJournal.

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