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ArtFire of Etsy...ArtFire or Etsy...I just may sell on ArtFire... - Pagan Art [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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ArtFire of Etsy...ArtFire or Etsy...I just may sell on ArtFire... [Mar. 22nd, 2009|04:52 pm]
Pagan Art


[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

I tried making my own (about 2" or a little shorter) clay goddess beads and combined them with nice glass beads...

I used purchased bone goddess beads (about the same length) and combined them with bone and glass beads...

But since the nicer stuff wasn't selling, I was wondering what people might think of Shrink plastic beads like my Venus of Willendorf or others...

I also tried resin, making my own mold to make an Aphrodite Blue Opalesque Goddess Bead.  I might make more if I switch everything over to my KarenAScofield ArtFire shop.

I also tried different banners (going from current to previous).

I take my own pictures and hope these (above) are okay (a number of which are retakes). These are of some things I'm presently selling (trying to, anyway) on my http://molivan.etsy.com shop but that I might move to my KarenAScofield ArtFire shop.

I made the first banner but a very sweet MW member made the two shown above.  I'm not sure which style I like better and that fits my stuff.  I had previously used the following banner.

I have only made one sale after months of effort and am reluctant to add more stuff to my etsy shop since it costs extra to list each item.

ArtFire only charges a flat rate of 7 dollars to list as many items as I want.

Constructive criticism and various insights welcome.  I listed my shop on Witch Vox.  No sales from that.   I know the economy is bad, but...

Anyway it looks as if ArtFire is the way to go for me?  I mean, etsy gets more traffic...but not my shop.  My stuff is immediately burried 13 to 17 pages deep, despite adding enough and the appropriate tags and all, and well, unless your shop is featured, it can remain that way it seems.